Star Wars Bound: Jabba the Hutt

Soon you will learn to appreciate me.

For the 41st anniversary of Return of the Jedi, I am excited to reveal my Jabba the Hutt bound! Tackling creatures vs. humans is a challenge I love.

If you don't know, I have a decent Jabba the Hutt collection, one I need to share some time, but everything I've collected is "cute", which is not how he is perceived in the films. He's sort of just gross but humorous! I hope you enjoy these incredible shots of this bound that my friend Ali took on Batuu West.

Dress: Amazon
Jacket: PacSun | Simiar
Heels: Target | Similar
Chain Choker Necklace: Etsy
Gold Headband: Amazon
Salacious Crum Plush: Target
Orb Sipper: Galaxy's Edge

Jabba the Hutt's main color scheme is beige, brown and green. I wanted the oversized faux leather green jacket to be the primary focus so I opted for a light beige-colored dress. I love the contrast!

From my adorable Salacious Crumb plush to the chain choker necklace, which I think makes for an incredible foreshadowing, the accessories for this look were so much fun! I also wore a gold sparkly headband to tie in with the necklace, and my nude heels, which I always wear. The orb sipper and popcorn bucket are from Disneyland which, I had to utilize!

This bound turned out to be quite fancy, and I felt that high fashion inspiration while shooting this look! Styling my bounds is always very exciting but seeing it come to life through photography is so rewarding! I love the entire process of bounding from start to finish.

What do you think of this look? How do you feel about Jabba? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or X.

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