Star Wars at Comic Con Revolution

This was my first time attending Comic Con Revolution with my husband, Jason. It's located at the Ontario Convention Center in California. It's a smaller convention, but it offers everything that you'd find at some of the bigger conventions, like WonderCon, including amazing panels, autograph booths, photo ops with talent from Star Wars, X-men 97, Gears of War, etc., and many vendors, artists, and talented cosplayers.

Prices range from $25 to $55, and children under 13 years old are free, making it a more affordable outing for everyone! Parking is somewhat limited but if you get there 1 hr. - 1hr. and 30 min before the show starts, you'll be able to park close by. On one of the days we attended, we got there maybe an hour after it started and we had to park across the street but it wasn't a long walk at all!

We were allowed to attend as Press, which I'm always thankful for. We attended both days and had such a good time checking everything out, and running into many friends from the Star Wars community. It's been decided that we will be attending again next year! If you enjoy multiple fandoms, and live in the area, I think it's worth getting a ticket. Next year's dates are May 17th and 18th, and tickets will go on sale this Summer.  

The only complaint I heard about was that certain lightsabers weren't allowed inside. Their policies do state that no metal is allowed, so I'm assuming anyone who had a metal hilt had an issue. I understand the frustration because I don't know of any other convention that applies this rule. I'm not sure if it'll be any different next year, but it's worth reading over the rules before attending. With that said, I did appreciate that they had metal detectors because too many of the bigger conventions don't!

We got to see young Boba Fett himself, Daniel Logan, as well as Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla), and Dee Bradley Baker (literally the voice of all the clones, including The Bad Batch). They were all so kind! Daniel spotted me and stopped me to say hi, which made my day. He has followed me on social media since I gifted him a Boba Fett watch in 2019. After meeting Vanessa, she messaged me, told me she didn't recognize me (we also connected online several years ago after I gifted her a Hera Syndulla button artist Jerrod Maruyama created), and asked me to visit her at her booth. We had such a lovely chat! I love how much of a Star Wars fan she is and how involved she is with the community. It's honestly wild to me that some of the cast of Star Wars follows me. I'll never get used to it!

Overall, the photo op experience went smoothly and quickly! There was an issue with one of the barcodes since I had purchased our Dee Bradley Baker photo op the day of, but they had me take the photo anyway and dealt with the issue afterward. I received my print copy immediately and just had to wait a little longer for the digital copy, but since it would be emailed to me, I didn't have to wait around.



Richie & Chanel

The cosplayers went hard! It was especially cool to see the Savage Opress cosplayer, as I don't think I've ever seen that character represented at a convention. It's always fun seeing talent like this roaming around the convention floors because as cool as it is to see their photos and videos online, you get to admire their craftsmanship in person, and of course, get a photo or two! I also got to meet RX-droid who verbally interacted with me! The droid builder had a microphone to interact with guests, which was so clever.

If you'd like to see even more Star Wars cosplayers, check out my video on Instagram.

If you couldn't tell, Star Wars had a strong presence at CCR. Many of the cast of The Clone Wars and Rebels were there signing autographs, taking photos, and participating in panels. It was incredible to see how many fans turned up for the panels. I always enjoy attending panels because you gain a lot of insight about the characters from their actors, and the behind-the-scenes stories are always both fascinating and funny! The animated series are so loved and always will be. You can watch The Clone Wars panel below if you're interested. I'll update this post if they also upload the Rebels panel at some point!


We found an awesome booth, 4 Color Fantasies located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, that had a lot of Hot Toys collectibles on display. It was neat to see so many of them up close! I think it can be beneficial for fans to see them in-person before making that final decision. I noticed that Patricia, a stunning Reva cosplayer I met that weekend, was purchasing the Reva Hot Toys, and I had to photograph the moment!

Our Star Wars Rebels t-shirts are c/o Heroes & Villains. You can use my code: "J20" to save 20% off of your purchase.

Have you been to Comic Con Revolution? If not, what's your favorite convention to attend? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or X.

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