The Acolyte - Spoiler Review

An investigation into a shocking crime spree pits a respected Jedi Master against a dangerous warrior from his past. As more clues emerge, they travel down a dark path where sinister forces reveal all is not what it seems…

The Acolyte is a visually-enticing Star Wars series that you can jump into without any knowledge of The High Republic reading material. Take it from me, as I have not read any of the books or comics. I only own the Art Book which is stunning.

No matter what Star Wars trilogy you enjoy, you'll appreciate various aspects of this series. Yes, there are almost all new amazing characters, planets, ships, and even unique ways of using the Force, but it doesn't stray away from what makes Star Wars, Star Wars. The score beautifully combines all of these elements to make something special. I felt right at home!

My first viewing was at the Hollywood Premiere, where Lucasfilm kindly treated me and Jason to the first two episodes. I loved it but felt a lot of emotions from the night's excitement, which made me feel overwhelmed by all the "newness" of The Acolyte, even though it fit right into the galaxy we know and love. I was itching to watch it again at home, and I can tell you I loved it even more after my second viewing! Going in and knowing what to expect this time allowed me to feel deeper connections to the characters, I noticed some things I hadn't before, and of course, I got to appreciate the costumes more. The Jedi attire is my favorite because they feel much more tailored to each individual. The patterns, textures, and color palettes are exquisite, and very regal-esque. I'm feeling inspired to create some new bounds!

Overall, I loved it and I think that the two episodes, entitled Lost/Found and Revenge/Justice, were successful in setting up the story and introducing us to some of the key characters (my favorites so far are Indara, Sol, Osha, and Pip - more on them below). The mystery was evident, and I think the thrill is about to begin!

One of the characters I was looking forward to most, Jedi Master Indara, was killed off within minutes of the first episode, leaving me completely befuddled. I didn't believe that she was dead, but as the story progressed and her character continued to be referred to in the past tense, I was honestly bummed. But I don't think that's the last we've seen of her. From a couple of the clips I have seen, it looks like we will be experiencing some flashbacks in future episodes where Indara is present. I loved how confident and poised she was, and her skills with the Force were so swift and elegant! I really want the chance to get to know her character more.

Jedi Master Sol is an absolute treasure! I'm already so attached to him that I proclaimed to Jason that I would cry if he died in this series. He is caring, wise, and so collected when he speaks. I love the way he used the Force in combat, and I'm eager to see how he fights with a lightsaber! Don't you think that he would get along so well with Qui-Gon Jinn and Kanan Jarrus? I think Lee Jung-jae did a remarkable job at learning the English lanuage for this part!

I suspected that Mae had a twin from some of the conversations I saw online prior to any of the screenings, and a recent poster showcasing Amandla Stenberg twice basically confirmed that. I think that she did an incredible job portraying two very different people. I was immediately emotionally invested in Osha's story. I suspected I'd be more on Mae's side since I usually gravitate toward the Dark Side characters, but Osha's honesty, determination, and grief resonated with me in an unexpected way. It was a surprise to me that each of them didn't know that the other was alive, which made for a very heartfelt moment. Which, by the way, Mae referring to her sister as "Oshie" is the cutest thing! I don't wish to cause any distress but I suspect we might see Mae sacrifice herself for her sister at some point. It was just a feeling I had after watching it the first time.

Some of my favorite scenes were when Jedi Master Sol and Osha interacted with each other. They had such great chemistry and brought a lot of emotion to the conversations they had. When they first saw each other after 6 years, I failed to hold back my tears. Their performances were so raw and desperate. The way Osha says, "I didn't do it!" tugged at my heart strings. I loved the execution of this scene! Of course, it reminded me of a similar moment between Anakin and Ahsoka, but I'm really glad it didn't play out in the same way.

Pip! I love that he's a little pocket droid who is multi-talented and likes attention. I adore him! It's such a clever idea for a droid. I know we're going to see some renditions of him sold in stores and at Galaxy's Edge! How could we not? Speaking of droids, how about those pilot chair droids? That was quite clever! I wouldn't mind having one as my co-pilot.

Jecki Lon is a no-nonsense, bright, and intelligent little Padawan! I worried she might be jealous of Jedi Master Sol's attachment to Osha, but so far, she seems to be handling the situation with great maturity, and willingness to help solve the case. She was absolutely ready for her first mission! Being a Theelin-human hybrid gives her such a unique look. Even before I watched the episodes, I knew that I wanted to create a bound of her character!

"Nothing. No, he's...Yord.", as spoken by Jecki, is the perfect way to describe Yord Fandar, a Jedi Knight. He's not a favorite of mine but we will see if he grows on me. The way he behaves as a Jedi Knight is as if Anakin Skywalker was put on the council in his ROTS era (I'm not dissing Anakin, he's my favorite character). I'm not sure if he was ready, but he's certainly trying. It seems that his desire to be so "by the book" clouds his judgement. I do have to say that seeing him steam his Jedi cloak was so real. With so much fabric involved, there's no way it's coming out of the space closet wrinkle-free. 

Jedi Master Vernestra Rhow was another character that wasn't my favorite. I feel I should say that I'm not saying I dislike her (or Yord). They just didn't stand out to me, and I haven't felt any connections to them so far. I did love her attire, and the way she conducted herself with grace and wisdom. I know a lot of fans who have been reading The High Republic stories were really excited about this character. I'm very eager to see her in action with the lightsaber whip, and I hope it's soon!

Another character I didn't expect to be killed off so soon was Jedi Master Torbin. However, according to clips, we will see more of him in flashbacks scenes. The scene in which he willingly takes his own life felt very dark, and shocking for a Jedi. I imagine that whatever he did, he was very ashamed of, especially since he had taken the Barash Vow which I just learned about. According to Wookieepdia, the Barash Vow was an oath taken by Jedi who completely refrained from all activities related to the Jedi Order as a form of penitence, disengaging from anything but the Force itself and committing themselves to gaining ultimate communion with it.

Qimir was the perfect comedic-relief! He doesn't appear to be a force-user but, like Mae, has the same master. Is he there simply to assist Mae in her endeavors, or is he playing two parts? I've seen some people suspect that he is the masked villain. Which, by the way, I'm super intrigued by the villain, though that probably comes as no surprise! I'm so curious to know more about who he is, what motivates him, and how he and Mae crossed paths. What's the connection?

We were teased with that short scene featuring Jedi Master Kelnacca at the end of Episode 2, but oh my goodness was it exciting! The idea of a lightsaber-wielding Wookiee is the absolute coolest, and I cannot wait to see more of him. I'm sure we will find ourselves in the jungles of Khofar in Episode 3 next week!

My biggest hope for the next episode is that we'll get some lightsaber action, as mediocre of me as that might seem. Lightsabers were my introduction to Star Wars, so they're a big deal in my book. Of course, you can't have lightsaber battles without the Dark Side, so I'm hoping we are indulged with a little more of the masked villain.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to more action overall. I really loved the action sequence on the ship (I'm unaware of the name) before it crashed on Carlac. It felt very intense and realistic, and I enjoyed seeing how Osha relied on her own strengths to get through the situation. It actually felt refreshing when she did try to use the Force to reach Pip while she was inside the cell but she wasn't able to "tap in", so to speak.

I also was happy with the 42 and 38-minute run-times, and with only 8 episodes in this series, I hope that we see similar lengths with the upcoming episodes (remember, they'll debut on Disney Plus every Tuesday at 6pm pst through July 16th) so that everything gets the chance to be flushed out in a way that compliments the story and its characters.

What did you think of The Acolyte? Did you have a favorite part? A favorite character? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or X.

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