Star Wars Make Up by CoverGirl

Star Wars Make Up by CoverGirl | Anakin And His Angel

I think it was around the time of when Attack of the Clones was released that I started saying there should be a Star Wars make up line. I honestly can't understand why it hasn't been done until now? I was shocked that CoverGirl was the one to pick up the line as it seems MAC is usually the one to debut movie collections. It is nice this way though because I think the products will be more massively produced which will make them easier to find, plus more people will be able to afford it. has many photos of some of the products that we can expect to see later this fall! I'm anxious to see more nail polish and lipstick colors! A few of the items are hard to make out but it definitely looks like we'll be getting at least mascara, nail polish, lip gloss and lip stick. I like the packaging though I think something, maybe the lip products, should have been shaped like light sabers. Just sayin'.


Who's excited?

Update: 8/13/2015

The Star Wars for CoverGirl line will launch on Force Friday, September 4th, like the rest of The Force Awakens products and can be found later to purchase in stores mid-month!

Star Wars Make Up by CoverGirl | Anakin And His Angel has posted several up close shots of some of the make-up we can expect to see like these insanely gorgeous lipsticks ranging from $5.99 - $7.99. I love how unique the shades are and want at least half of them! You can see the rest of the photos here.


  1. My makeup loving heart is jumping for joy. I just wish that it was indeed MAC that did it because that would mean it would be available in the UK :(

  2. I have been looking every were for this were do I get it?

    1. Hi Elise! It's only available to order online right now (go to and search "star wars") but is supposed to be available to buy in stores mid-September.