The Force Awakens Poster, Trailer, & Tickets

The Force Awakens Poster, Trailer, & Tickets | Anakin And His Angel

I think it's safe to say that this is the one of the most beautiful Star Wars posters we've ever had. The colors are exquisite and I think everything is perfectly placed. The only adjustment I'd make would be to have Rey looking straight on to create a better balance. Having Luke in there somewhere would be nice too but we'll get to that in a minute...

At first sight I gazed in disbelief while telling myself, "This is real!". The movie is just two months away, and it feels so weird saying that considering there was a time when it felt like it would never get here.


1) The first thing I noticed about the poster was that Rey's staff is perfectly aligned with Kylo Ren's lightsaber. I know some of you have been wondering if maybe they are brother and sister and I actually think it's a very good theory considering how often they seem to be paired together in marketing lately. Could they be the new Jaina and Jacen Solo? I'm not going to settle on that theory just yet because it could also be a unique tactic to throw us all off.

The Force Awakens Poster, Trailer, & Tickets | Anakin And His Angel

2) Speaking of Rey, she was also front and center and in between the dark and the light side on the D23 exclusive poster. Could her character float somewhere in between good and evil? We know from a recent statement that Kathleen Kennedy made that her character is extremely significant to the Star Wars story, so I am very anxious to find out exactly what that means.

3) I love that Han & Leia are both featured on the poster and think they look fantastic! I'm hoping so badly that they are married, you don't even know.

4) Like everyone else, I questioned Luke's absence and figured they would save him for the movie, though why? This theory might be way out there but, what if he's a force ghost? That would be a good reason for not featuring him on the poster, right? What are your thoughts?

5) My only thought about the space station is that it's the (highlight to read)Starkiller Base. If you didn't know, actor Domhnall Gleeson leaked the name of Starkiller at San Diego Comic Con. Starkiller was the original last name of Luke in the OT.(end)


As you probably know, teasers for the trailer were released online yesterday. I haven't watched them and I'm not planning on watching the trailer either, but if you'd like to see them you can do so at

The trailer will debut TONIGHT October 19th, during the halftime show for ESPN’s Monday Night Football. If you're in the area, the trailer will also be shown outside on a giant screen at the AMC theater located at Downtown Disney. The event starts at 5pm!

Tickets will go on sale directly after the trailer has been released. There are a lot of special events happening including marathons of the films, incentives for guests at participating theaters, etc. You can read what the different theater chains are involved in on the official Star Wars Website.

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