What to Bring to Star Wars Celebration

What to Bring to Star Wars Celebration | Anakin and His Angel

The greatest convention of all time, Star Wars Celebration, is returning to the Anaheim Convention Center in just a couple of weeks! I've been planning away, including starting up a list of things to pack. I wanted to share my list with you in the hopes that it might help you with your own packing!

Please don't be alarmed if you forget something. There are places like CVS, Walgreens, and Target nearby!



If you ordered your badges by April 7th, you'll receive them in the mail. If you haven't already received an email with tracking, look out for it soon, though be aware some fans received theirs without any email notifcation. Check and double-check that your badge is packed with your things!


Official Pix states that your confirmation tickets for Autographs must be printed. I currently only have a Photo Op ticket (with Ewan McGregor - OMG!!!), but I'm going to print mine too just in case.


Anytime I go to a big event, I remove cards from my wallet that I don't need, and I'd recommend doing the same. If your wallet is made with special RFID blocking material, that's great! If not, consider Individual RFID Blocking Sleeves for your cards for extra protection. Make sure you have some cash on you too!


Photos printed at the Photo Ops are 8x10, so I picked up this Toploaders Set of 5 to keep my photo with Ewan McGregor (and hopefully Hayden Christensen, if he's announced) in perfect condition. If you're planning on purchasing a poster or two but forget to bring a poster tube, they have places where you can buy those at the convention!


These don't seem to be as popular as they were several years ago, but for me, it's the easiest way to exchange information with people. They won't have to try and remember, for example, your Instagram username along with the ten others they've heard that day. I've ordered my business cards from Moo for years! If you're interested, you can click here to get 25% off of your first order!


If you're bringing stickers, buttons, or pins to hand out, don't forget to pack them!


This is another item I carry with me everywhere I go to ensure that my photos and videos always turn out clear. You don't want to be snapping photos with a smudged camera! You can order a pack of 6 for under $10 and share them with your friends!


If you're a creator, don't forget the essentials like your DSLR, batteries, a tripod, etc. A camera remote could even come in handy!


The last thing you want to worry about is your phone battery dying when something amazing is happening! Make sure you have a battery pack and charger cord with you, and don't forget your regular phone charger so that you can charge your phone when you're back at your hotel.


Okay, hear me out. There is currently no announcement that has been made that says there will be a special Obi-Wan Kenobi panel where fans can come together to watch the first two episodes on the big screen. I sure as heck don't want to watch the series on my phone, so here are a couple of options! If the TV in your hotel room has the right hook-up, a Roku streaming stick would allow for you to access the Disney+ app on the TV. An Amazon Fire Stick may also work or you could could cast from your phone to the TV with a Google Chromecast. I hope this helps if needed!


Face masks are required to be worn inside the convention center! Always bring extra just in case you lose one, drop your mask face down, etc. I love wearing masks from Periwinkle Cloud Shop!


Washing your hands with soap and water is obviously the best option, but if you can't get to a sink or need something quick, you'll want to have this on you.


I take vitamins daily. If you don't, I would suggest incorporating them especially at a convention where there will be tens of thousands of people to help keep your immune system strong. I like to take a Daily Vitamin along with Vitamin D3 during the day, and at night I take vitaminc C. I split them up like this this because it seems people usually feel like they're coming down with something when they wake up. It's like a little boost before bedtime!


Headaches, backaches, etc. don't stop just because you're having fun. Be prepared, and don't forget any of the regular medications you take!


It is SO easy to forget to stay hydrated but it's very important and easier to remember if you have it with you inside your bag or backpack. Listen to what your body needs, and it'll make your overall experience at the convention a better one.


Fuel for the body is just as important as staying hydrated! Pack things like protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, etc. It will come in handy if you're waiting in line during your regular meal time or if you just need a snack to get you through the next time you eat a proper meal.


I am sensitve to loud and repetitive sounds. These are something I keep with me wherever I go! If you're going to Disneyland for the first time, these may come in handy during the fireworks! I like to use the Mack's Slim Fit because I have small ears.


Do long lines or crowds make you anxious? Do you get bored waiting for something to happen? I usually do ok, but sometimes crowds can be overwhelming. A Grogu Fidget Toy might be something fun to help distract you.


Do you get warm easily or maybe claustrophobic? I love this Mickey Fan. It is so powerful, USB rechargable, and it's small enough to keep in your bag or backpack.


I sleep with a sound machine and a fan going every single night, so without these things, I'm sure I would be disrupted. This could help to drown out sound in your hotel room if you're a light sleeper or don't tend to sleep as well in new places.


If you want to make sure you're not over-packing, try making a list of what you plan to wear each day. I would also bring an extra outfit just in case! And don't forget your pjs!

California weather has been so unpredictable lately and while it should be warm at the end of May, I would suggest bringing a jacket or sweatshirt, especially if you're like me and get cold easily. It can get chilly sometimes in the convention center.

As for accessories, don't forget a backpack/bag, sunglasses, and a good pair of shoes. Shoes are one of the greatest investments that you can make for your wardrobe, and you're going to want them for walking all day at the convention! I'd also bring a hat. Why? Maybe one day you're rushing to get to a panel and not doing your hair will save you time, or maybe your hair just isn't cooperating. Throw a hat on, and you're done!

I also like to bring a few plastic bags to put my worn clothes in to keep them separated from any clean clothes I still have in my suitcase.


A lot of times, our costumes involve many pieces. Make sure you have a list together and mark everything as you're packing it! Repair kits might also be a good thing to pack just in case you have a wardrobe malfunction.


This can look different for everyone but you'll want to pack certain things like face wash, lotion, shampoo etc. if you're senstive to certain products that might be available in your hotel room.

I hope that this blog post was helpful to you! Please let me know if you have any questions! I'd also love to know if there's something that I missed on this list that you like to pack!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links were used in this post meaning if you purchase something from Amazon, I will receive a commission.


  1. These are such helpful tips, JenMarie. Thank you so much! I'll be cosplaying as Ahsoka from the siege of Mandalor for SWC this year and it's my first time attending, so having this guide is a life-saver!!

    1. Oh my gosh, that's awesome! I'm so glad my list helped!

  2. Thank you for all the helpful tips!

  3. Great tips, and very thorough. I’ll definitely be putting a list of essentials together for the fam and myself (and adding some new things after reading this).. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Gordon! Glad to have helped! Excited to see you and your family!

  4. Thank you for sharing these tips! You've given me some great ideas that will be helpful!

  5. Thank you for these helpful tips! So sad I missed the drop for Ewan McGregor tickets 😢

  6. Came to read it as soon as the Star Wars Celebration 2023 was announced!!!! Don't know if I'll end up going but things like this make me imagine that I'm going...! Thank you for all the tips!!!