Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsaber Boxed Set

The original Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsabers have been discontinued for some time. But with her character returning soon in the final season of The Bad Batch, it makes sense that her iconic hilts are being brought back again this time in a LE boxed set based off of The Clone Wars Micro-Series. "Nothing" is every truly gone, right? proved that point earlier today with this exciting reveal!

Previously, Asajj’s hilts were sold separately. But with this new boxed set, both hilts will be sold together and with the ability to connect them with an adapter piece that’s included.

The boxed set, which has been eloquently named “Disciple of the Sith", will be available at Galaxy’s Edge on March 8th and on the Disney Store website on March 11. No price has been revealed. Each hilt previously cost $199.99 but got bumped up to $149.99 in April of 2021. I’d expect the set to be around $400, which is not unheard of for a LE boxed set.

Will you be adding this boxed set to your collection or do you already own Asajj’s lightsabers? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter.

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