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The Reckoning: An old rival extends an invitation for The Mandalorian to make peace.
Written by: Jon Favreau | Directed by: Deborah Chow

Wow. Mad props to Director Deborah Chow for her incredible work on this Chapter of The Mandalorian. Up until now Chapter 3 (also directed by Chow) was my favorite and I wondered if this one would take its place after hearing she would be back to direct a second episode in this series. I would honestly love it if they just handed her every episode from here on out seeing as how some of the episodes were lacking in story. So much happened in this episode including very unexpected events that I can't wait to discuss with you!

While the Child is sleeping aboard the Razor Crest, the Mando pulls up a transmission from Greef Carga. Greef explains that because of the Client's actions, the planet Navarro has been overrun with Stromtroopers and he now wants the Client dead. He requests that the Mando return to use the Child as bait to create an opportunity for the Mando to take out the Client. The situation seemed suspicious. The Mando agrees to the idea knowing full well that, with the Client dead, the Child wouldn't be at as much of a risk.

Before returning to Navarro, the Mando stops at Sorgan to find Cara Dune! Cara isn't interested in joining the Mando at first but agrees to come along on the mission once the Mando mentions that the Client is an ex-Imperial. While they're aboard the Crest making their way to their next stop, the Mando allows Cara to take a weapon of her choice from his collection. She was like a kid in a candy store going through all of her options! While they're busy, we see the Child peek sneakily at them, like he was making sure that they were distracted enough for him to get into mischief. Sure enough, the ship suddenly goes haywire! The Mando and Cara assume they are being attacked but it's just the Child playing around with things he shouldn't be touching. I love the little moments like these that we've seen throughout the series because it's a reminder of just how young he actually is.

They arrive on Arvala-7 in the hopes that Kuill will agree to watch the Child. We find out that IG-11 was rescued and reprogrammed by Kuill to serve and protect him. I told you all that he would be back! The Mando and Cara are not very trusting of IG-11 since they are aware of his original programming - to hunt and kill the Child - but Kuill asks that the Mando trust in his work. He also agrees to tag along under the condition that he can bring IG-11 and his Blurrgs. Seeing all these characters that were merely introduced to us in previous episodes together again really made me happy. I never believed that we wouldn't see them all again, but watching the Mando put together a team with individuals who he met along this journey was a perfect way for the story to progress in my opinion.

The crew finally sets off to Navarro. While they await their arrival, the Mando and Cara have themselves a little match of arm wrestling. The Child watches closely. He seems concerned about the Mando, probably thinking that Cara is trying to hurt him. Suddenly, he concentrates, reaches forward and clutches his hand toward Cara, who begins to gasp for air. I freaked out! He was force-choking her! Thankfully, the Mando stops him in time. Kuill explains that what the Child did was something he heard about when he was with the Empire. That word sets Cara off making her suspicious of Kuill's past to which IG-11 responded by making himself present with body language that communicated "Touch Kuill, and you're dead." Quite a unique crew, am I right? I found this situation to be extremely interesting since the force-choke is predominately a Dark Side power. He was so cute doing it though!

They arrive on Navarro and Greef, along with three bounty hunters, is there to meet them. It's obvious that no one trusts each other. Greef meets the Child for the first time and expresses to the Mandalorian that he understands now why taking on the Child and protecting him was so important to the Mando. Both groups agree on a plan and make camp for the night. Huge flying creatures suddenly attack the group leaving Greef extremely wounded and two Blurrgs dead. It was a very unexpected action scene that was rather intense! The poison from the scratch (or bite?) on Greef's arm from the creature is poisonous and is spreading. I instantly exclaimed, "The Child is going to heal him!", and sure enough, that is exactly what he did! Because the Child saved Greef, he confesses his true intentions of this meeting. He was going to turn the Child in and have the Mando killed! The group makes a new plan. Greef, the Mando and Cara will all meet with the Client along with an empty pod while Kuill will return to the Razor Crest (where IG-11 stayed behind to guard the ship) with the Child to protect him.

They meet the Client but just as he demands for them to open the pod, he gets a call from an Imperial called Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito). We learn that this guy is the one that wants the Child. He questions the Client about how certain he is that the Child is in their possession, making it seem as if he knows the Child's actual whereabouts. My heart almost stopped thinking they got the Child. Without leaving the Client much time to respond, he orders several Death Troopers who are outside the Client's bar to light the place up. The Client is shot in the process and the Mando immediately gets in contact with Kuill telling him to make haste in getting back to the ship. Scout Troopers intercept the transmission and head out on their speeder bikes to capture the Child. MY HEART WAS RACING!!! Tons of Stormtroopers show up to the scene as well as a TIE Fighter with new folding-wing action. It lands and out comes Moff Gideon himself. He reveals that the Mando has no idea what he has possession of and that it will soon be his.

Kuill tries with everything in him to get back to the Crest on his Blurrg but unfortunately is killed by the troopers. My heart absolutely sank thinking about how he didn't even want to go with the Mando in the first place. We see him lying there with the Child on the ground close by. The Scout Troopers scoop up the little guy and head back to bring him to Moff Gideon. It was probably the worst cliff hanger ever. I was such a wreck!

I'm assuming that once IG-11 realizes that Kuill didn't make it that he will want to avenge his death and will join the crew in helping them fight off Moff Gideon and the Troopers. I know others think that IG-11 may have tipped the Empire off, which could absolutely be the case but I trust Kuill's programming. I can only imagine the way the Mando will react once he sees the Child in the hands of the Empire. The final Chapter of this season is going to be crazy, I'm sure! What did you think of the episode? Let me know in a comment below or send me a DM on Twitter or Instagram! I am NOT openly discussing spoilers about The Mandalorian on social media.

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