Rebel Mouse Holographic Sticker

Rebel Mouse Holographic Sticker | Anakin and His Angel

Last year, I created my first enamel pin in celebration of the opening day of Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. I combined the Rebel Alliance symbol and the iconic silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head to create a fun design that represents my two favorite fandoms. I call the design, "Rebel Mouse". Later that year, I made a black and white Rebel Mouse sticker to hand out at the D23 Expo. And finally, on Star Wars Day of this year, I had a surprise giveaway where 40 of you won my new holographic Rebel Mouse sticker. The response was amazing and many of were asking if I had more and how you could get one. I'm happy to say that I have some good news today!

Rebel Mouse Holographic Sticker | Anakin and His Angel

On Thursday, July 16th, I will have a limited amount of the holographic Rebel Mouse stickers available for $2 shipped. I will ship to anyone with a U.S. postal address and will be accepting payment through PayPal only. Please send me a DM on either of these platforms to reserve your spot: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below!

May the Force be with you!

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